June, 2014 Newsletter

June 7, 2014

Planning a trip? Time to learn a new language!  Whether your next trip is for business or pleasure, you'll find the experience more enjoyable if you can communicate as you travel. With our PRONUNCIATOR database, a gift of the Ryan Patrick Faella Foundation, you can choose from 80 different languages and learn at your own pace, on your own time. PRONUNCIATOR is available to all Mountainside residents, and features speech recognition, scored quizzes, virtual coaching, downloadable audio lessons and free apps for your mobile devices. You can even use it as you travel. Just go to our website,, from any computer or mobile device. Choose the resources tab, click on the PRONUNCIATOR icon (hard to find in the mobile app, but it is there, trust us!), create an account using your email address and Mountainside Library card number and choose the language you would like to learn. Bon Voyage!


LIBRARY AIR CONDITIONING UPDATE Many of you may remember that the Library spent 7 weeks last summer without air conditioning, due to a failed compressor, which was eventually replaced. Unfortunately, last summer’s repair was only a temporary fix to get us through the season and the old system has now died. The Borough of Mountainside is currently replacing our HVAC, but the project is still in the beginning stages and is estimated to take at least another six weeks. During the construction we will do our very best to deliver the level of service our patrons deserve and have come to expect. However, please be advised that the heat and deteriorating air quality may force us to curtail hours and reschedule programs if conditions in the building become too difficult.


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