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3D Printer

The library currently has one 3D printer, an Ultimaker 2+
Material used is PLA filament, polylactic acid or polylactide, is a thermoplastic made from renewable resources.
Find a design you want to print using
OR design your own using software such as Tinkercad or Sketchup 
Files must be saved as .stl
Our printer works with Cura software.  It is free to download. This tells the size and time it will take to print, also you can make minor adjustments to your print.

  • maximum size of print is approximately 7"L x 7"W x 5"H
  • print time is limited to 5 hours
  • prints can only be one color
  • cost is $3.00 per print
  • files must be in .stl format

 You can email your .stl file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with a completed 3D printing request form.


 See what we've made with the 3D Printer


3D Printing1 2      3D Printing 2 2       3D Printing 3 2    3D Printing 4 2IMG 9043IMG 9044IMG 9045IMG 9046